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Back Ache Treatment from Our Greensboro Chiropractor

At Grosman Family Chiropractic Clinic, our Greensboro chiropractor is committed to helping you find holistic, non-invasive relief from your backache symptoms. Our very own Dr. Grosman will begin with a thorough evaluation to determine the root cause of your pain, followed by formulating a customized treatment plan to suit your needs and lifestyle. Our Greensboro chiropractic clinic uses only the latest technology and cutting-edge treatment techniques to provide you with the highest standard of care.

back pain relief from your chiropractor in Greensboro

Common Causes of Upper Back and Lower Back Pain

If you're experiencing upper back or lower back pain, the first step will be to determine the root cause. Typically, this will involve a thorough consultation and evaluation of your spinal health, posture, and a review of your medical history here in our office. We believe strongly in pinpointing the root of your pain in order to ensure effective treatment, rather than simply "masking" pain with prescription medications or other risky procedures.

There are many potential causes of upper back pain that our Greensboro chiropractic clinic may consider. For example, if you have recently been involved in an auto accident, there is a chance your pain could be caused by a common injury known as whiplash—especially if your pain is accompanied by stiffness. A herniated or bulging disc in the cervical spine could be another potential cause for sharp, stabbing pain in the upper back.

What about lower back pain? Sciatica is a common cause of this symptom; this painful condition occurs when the large sciatic nerve (which runs through the lower back) becomes compressed, resulting in sharp lower back pain and other possible symptoms like numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness. A herniated or bulging disc in the lower back can also cause sharp lower back pain.

In some cases, poor posture or lifestyle choices could even be contributing to your upper or lower back pain as well.

How Chiro Treatment Can Help

The good news is that chiro treatment can be an effective means of finding relief from pain and other symptoms without the need for invasive treatments or risky medications. Specifically, we offer a number of chiropractic treatments in our office to address your back pain at its source. One of the most common treatments we recommend is that of a manual adjustment performed by our chiropractor. This aims to correct alignment problems along the spinal column while increasing blood and oxygen circulation to promote your body's own natural healing processes. This treatment can be especially effective for whiplash and herniated/bulging disc symptoms.

Additional chiropractic treatments offered in our clinic for back pain include:

  • Pro Adjuster method
  • custom orthotics
  • spinal supports and braces
  • therapeutic exercises
  • therapy modalities (cervical traction, etc.)

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If you're experiencing back pain, our chiropractor in Greensboro may be able to help. Contact Grosman Family Chiropractic Clinic today at 336-292-9779 to schedule your appointment with us and find out more about our services offered. We'd be happy to find an appointment slot that will work with your busy schedule and answer any questions you may have!

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